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DIVERSIFIED investigations, llc specializes in surveillance-related investigations and is particularly well-versed in performing surveillance associated with worker's compensation, medical malpractice, personal injury, civil, and criminal cases. A client reference list available upon request.
We have professionally trained surveillance specialists who investigate and collect all information in a legally sound manner, supported in the Wisconsin court system. Our investigators:
  • offer innovative solutions tailored to your specific needs
  • obtain stable digital video, with high-powered optical and digital telephoto capabilities
  • provide creative undercover/pretext operations (if permitted for your case)
  • provide both moving and static surveillance as needed
  • provide 24-hour continuous surveillance when necessary


DIVERSIFIED conducts investigations into workers compensation claims at the request of an employer or attorney firm. Worker's compensation fraud can appear in many different situations and in a wide demographic. Recent investigations show that this fraud occurs across all ages and expands through all socio-economic classes. Workers compensation fraud may take the form of exaggerating an injury or working at a second employer "under the table" while collecting workers compensation benefits from a primary employer. Although each case is different, DIVERSIFIED is committed to conducting a full investigation and providing a detailed report of observations made during our investigation. There are a wide range of investigative methods used to detect workers compensation fraud that will result in physical evidence supporting or opposing the employee's claim.


DIVERSIFIED investigators have specific experience in white collar crimes and financial crimes investigations that will ensure a successful outcome in your case.

Julie Russell teaches for the National White Collar Crime Center (NW3C), and is co-instructor for the "Financial Records Examination and Analysis" (FREA) course.

Nancy Lamers has completed the nationally recognized 40-hour FREA course. While employed with a local law enforcement agency, she assisted with creating and using spreadsheets in support of analyzing financial data and provided the necessary information to obtain subpoenas and search warrants.

At times, employers are interested in pursuing a civil process against employees rather than criminal charges. DIVERSIFIED staff members possess the required training and experience to assist with compiling the evidence and tracing the money that to support your claim. Call today to learn more about how to prevent internal theft or sponsor an employee training event designed to show individuals how to recognize typical behaviors associated with embezzlement.


DIVERSIFIED actively investigates instances of FMLA and sick leave abuse in organizations that have identified a specific problem in this area. Not only does this type of fraud affect productivity and salary costs, but it also has a negative impact on employee morale. Investigative methods may include surveillance, pretext contacts, or interviews. DIVERSIFIED provides video and/or audio evidence to be used in discipline or termination hearings if necessary. DIVERSIFIED staff is available to assist with interviews of employees during disciplinary hearings and can provide physical protection during termination hearings.