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Corporate Consulting

DIVERSIFIED provides comprehensive security assessments for organizations throughout the State of Wisconsin and across the country. DIVERSIFIED’s assessments focus on physical security, organizational policies, staff effectiveness, staff training, and technology integration. The goals of these assessments are to identify vulnerabilities, solutions to mitigate these vulnerabilities, and increase the safety of all persons who visit the organization. DIVERSIFIED's assessment report and presentation is intended to form the foundation for further discussions regarding implementation of a comprehensive security program at our client's organization.
DIVERSIFIED uses an assessment team comprised of veteran law enforcement officers who truly understand the threats that facilities face in today’s world. DIVERSIFIED has completed security assessments and master planning for a variety of organizations including those in the healthcare and construction industries as well as educational institutions and places of worship. DIVERSIFIED’s team approach allows several individuals to identify existing vulnerabilities and propose solutions based upon their unique expertise. In addition, this approach allows for the simultaneous assessment of many activities occurring at different locations throughout a large facility.
DIVERSIFIED employs security experts for the purpose of conducting security assessments, staff training, and policy development but does not retail security equipment or provide installation assistance. For this reason, DIVERSIFIED has partnered with local technology integrators to provide systems installation according to the recommendations made in the security assessment report. DIVERSIFIED believes that this distinct separation provides our clients peace of mind that the recommendations are based upon true needs and not inflated with the hope of increased sales.
In addition to conducting security assessments, DIVERSIFIED is experienced in drafting security policies and master plans for a variety of organizations. DIVERSIFIED can deliver a security master plan, emergency preparedness materials, and organizational policies tailored to your specific needs. DIVERSIFIED routinely provides staff training to corporate partners in an effort to increase the effectiveness of employee response to a critical incident. Contact DIVERSIFIED today to learn about cost effective options to improve security at your workplace!