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According to Wisconsin state law, any company engaging in background investigations or surveillance must have a current private detective agency license.


Any individual engaging in investigative work for profit must be a licensed private investigator.

Since 2003, DIVERSIFIED has been proudly conducting comprehensive background investigations for Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Fox Valley Region. Learn how you can help the youth in our community!



DIVERSIFIED investigations

DIVERSIFIED investigations, llc has been a licensed private detective agency since August 9, 2002. Based in Appleton, WI DIVERSIFIED strives to provide exceptional service to attorneys and corporate clients nationwide. DIVERSIFIED was founded on the core values of relationships, integrity and performance. Our commitment to excellence is shown in every aspect of our investigations.

DIVERSIFIED is proud to offer a variety of investigative services at a reasonable cost. To learn more about our services, please click on the "services" tab.

DIVERSIFIED utilizes licensed private detectives to complete comprehensive investigations. Many of our detectives have prior law enforcement experience that provides a solid foundation for decision making and critical thinking in difficult situations. Several of our detectives have completed extensive training in covert surveillance, interviewing, and investigative research. For additional information on each of our investigators, click on the "experience" tab.

DIVERSIFIED continues to receive positive feedback on investigations completed from a variety of clients nationwide. Clients continually provide examples of investigative methods and situations that uphold our three core values. DIVERSIFIED takes great pride in producing an exceptional product at a reasonable cost. To view some of our recent feedback from clients, visit the "testimonials" tab.




What does DIVERSIFIED do?

DIVERSIFIED believes that all our clients should have a clear understanding of investigative methods and associated costs prior to beginning an investigation. If you have a situation that you would like us to investigate, call us at 920-886-8160. An investigative supervisor will be able to offer suggestions on the scope of the investigation, anticipated costs, and provide a detailed timeline to complete your investigation. To obtain contact information for our office, please click on the "contact us" tab.

NOTE: As a rule, we do not engage in domestic-related investigations for individuals.