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DIVERSIFIED investigations, llc

Relationships - Integrity - Performance

Corporate Consulting

DIVERSIFIED is a proven leader in corporate consulting. Our team of experts can assist your organization in identifying security vulnerabilities and comprehensive threat mitigation plans.  


DIVERSIFIED's cadre of experienced law enforcement investigators have the unique knowledge and skills needed to obtain results. These investigators go the extra mile to learn the truth about each unique situation assigned to them.

Background Investigations

DIVERSIFIED has been conducting background investigations since 2003 and we are known for our comprehensive reports that provide the detail necessary to make sound hiring decisions.

Workplace Violence

Workplace violence can take many forms but the liability to your organization remains the same. DIVERSIFIED's workplace violence experts can provide threat assessment and risk mitigation plans to protect your organization and employees.

Process Service

DIVERSIFIED has an in-house notary public and a team of investigators trained in skip-tracing to ensure legal papers are served efficientlty to all involved parties, even those who are difficult to locate. 


“The entire team @ DIVERSIFIED was a pleasure to work with. They promptly & professionally helped us resolve the issue at hand. I highly recommend their services”

“Professional & courteous, the investigators are always willing to go the extra mile. I am thrilled with the results...Diversified investigators consistently produce results on the cases I have sent to them. They are honest, and will try to save their cients cost if they feel it is not cost efficient after a few hours in the field. honestly there is nothing they will not do for their clients.”

“DIVERSIFIED investigations has been an outstanding partner to work with regarding employee background checks. Their attention to detail and professionalism is evident in everything they do.”

"Thank you for the great service once again! We appreciate the way you keep us informed during the investigation and help to determine if we have enough coverage to meet our end goal."

"This program made me feel secure and I can't thank you all enough for the wonderful service you have provided in my case. Keep up the good work. (My employer) has been my place of security for several years and all the changes that were made make me feel even safer. It is a good feeling to have knowing your employer cares about the safety of their employees."

"DIVERSIFIED handled our matter professionally, with great thoroughness and effectiveness. With thier help, we were able to acheive our desired outcome."